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Beste sportvrienden,

Voelen jullie ook al de kriebels in de buik voor het EK?!? Naar aanleiding hiervan organiseert VVSP een webinar met professor Geir Jordet op woensdag 9 juni van 19u tot 20u30.
De webinar wordt in het Engels gegeven.

The webinar will cover Jordet’s 20+ years of research and practice on working with elite football players’ visual perception, exploratory activity (scanning), and decision making.
What do we know, what does it mean, and how can coaches and sport psychology specialists work with this in analyzing, scouting, and training football players

Over Geir Jordet:
Geir Jordet, PhD, is Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences where he conducts research on psychology and elite football performance.
His most extensive research interests involve performing under extreme pressure, cognitive and perceptual underpinnings of decision making, and talent development/effective learning.  In addition, Jordet operates as a performance psychology consultant specializing in elite and professional football, where he has advised major organizations such as the English Football Association (FA), the German Football Federation (DFB), the English Premier League (EPL), and many leading clubs and individual players all over Europe. Finally, he is co-founder of BeYourBest, a software company producing cognitive assessment and training solutions for elite football players.

Inschrijven kan via deze link:

WEBINAR: Visual perception in elite football players – Google Formulieren